End to corruption impossible until system reformed: NAB chief

CorruptionChairman National Accountability Bureau Admiral Fasih Bokhari (Retd) said the country cannot be purged of corruption unless the system is reformed otherwise all the efforts of corruption watchdogs would go in vain.

“Without correcting the system the agencies would be chasing the thieves without being able to stop the growth of thieves that has reached unmanageable proportion today throughout Pakistan right down to local government level,” the NAB chief said this while talking to the newsmen here on Monday. He said the governance structure in Pakistan has been distracted over the years to allow corrupt practices within the current rules, laws and Constitution.

The reason why prevention is used as primary tool in all advance countries is so that systemic flaws are identified and removed so that corrupt practices cannot be continued under distracted and discretionary clauses of law enforced. He said as the apex accountability body of Pakistan, it is incumbent on NAB to advice federal and provincial governments on system to eliminate corrupt practices.

“This activity is more important today and takes priority of enforcement and catching thieves who are numerous for the limited capacity of NAB to cope with,” he remarked adding that the use of NAB in the past as tool against political opponents distracting it from its more important functions had only given rise to greater corruption down to the lowest level. He said the Bureau is all set to present an immediate and long term action plan to the new government to strengthen its anti-corruption efforts by adopting preventive methods.


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