235 acid throwing incidents reported in 2012 at Lahore hospital

LAHORE: Acid throwing incidents are on the rise in the country as 235 cases were reported at the Burns Centre of Mayo Hospital during the last year i.e. 2012. In an exclusive interview with APP, Head of the Burn Centre of the Mayo Hospital and Registrar of the King Edward Medical University (KEMU), Professor Farid Ahmad Khan said most of the women were among the victims of acid throwing incidents. Majority of the cases were reported from the southern Punjab where literacy rate is comparatively low, he said.

He said injuries from electricity, leakage of gas and acid throwing are common in the country as 235 cases of acid throwing were registered at this Centre during last year.

Professor Farid Ahmed Khan is serving as Chairman Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, King Edward Medical University, Mayo Hospital.

When questioned about first aid of a burn injury, he said the affected organ or limb of the body should be immediately dipped into water for four to five minutes and doctor contacted.

Source: The News


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