25 foreign tourists arrive


ISLAMABAD – Around 25 foreign tourists including mountaineers and trekkers reached here Thursday to carry out their tourism missions disregarding the threats emanated following the Nanga Parbat tragedy in which 10 foreign trekkers had been killed.

“The incident targeting foreign tourists is condemnable. But our spirit is high. We will continue our mission,” said one of the foreign tourists talking to media at Chaklala Airport.
All of the foreign tourists flew from Islamabad to Skardu to carry forward their tourism activities in various parts of the mountainous region.
The foreign tourists came from different countries including Ireland, Canada, Czechoslovakia and others. Consequent to the efforts by the government, Pakistan continues attracting foreign tourists to the land. In 2012, around one million foreigners reached Pakistan due to the diverse culture, landscape and people.
Online adds: Three Pakistani mountaineers including their cook have gone missing in Diamer after the terrorism incident.
Media reports said that after the murder of foreigner mountaineers, three Pakistani mountaineers, Naseer-ud-din, Karim Hayat, Sher Khan and their cook Essa Khan have gone missing.
Family members of these lost mountaineers have said that they were in contact with them before Diamer incident and were present on Nanga Parbat Base Camp.
However, after the incident they were out of contact and still we have no information about them, family members added.
Sher Khan is the nephew of famous Pakistani mountaineer Nazir Sabir, who was the first Pakistani to conquer Mount Everest.


source : AFP


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