Children of war: Tehmina calls for madrassa reforms

A file photo of a madrassa in Pakistan. PHOTO: AFP

A file photo of a madrassa in Pakistan. PHOTO: AFP

Emphasising that there should be an alternative system for religious education, famous writer Tehmina Durrani on Tuesday said madrassahs were promoting sectarianism.

She was speaking at the International Human Rights seminar in London on the eradication of terrorism and sectarianism through video-conferencing.

She said the West’s violation of the human rights charter on the children of war was the root of terrorist activities that had grown branches in all directions. She requested British parliamentarians to use their influence and appeal to the world leadership to ensure that the negligence towards the children of war following the end of the Soviet occupation is not repeated.

“Some 70 % of Afghanistan’s population is under the age of 25 and today they are victims of wars. What indeed do you expect them to become tomorrow?” Tehmina asked.

She said unless the children of the Afghan war were provided serious healing, the future of the world was at risk.  “9/11 makes it clear that terrorism has no boundaries,” Tehmina maintained.

She warned that damaged people were dangerous as they knew how to survive and it was the responsibility of the world leadership to foresee and ensure that they were moved onto the correct trajectory. She pledged her life to the children of wars and stressed that every citizen must play their role for world peace as living in this era, it was their historic responsibility.

Source: The Express Tribune


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