Investigation needed: Harassment case filed against PTI finance secretary

578663-Sexualharassment-1374173425-142-640x480NOWSHERA, Pakistan: A sexual harassment case was filed against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Provincial Finance Secretary Ishfaq Paracha for allegedly assaulting a woman in his office on June 29.

Maryam, a student of FA and resident of Nowshera Cantonment, filed a case with the police stating on June 29 Ishfaq Paracha the owner of the enterprise she worked at, Dilta Pharma Factory, allegedly asked her to come to his office where he offered her a good post and higher pay for sexual services. When Maryam refused, Paracha tried to sexually assault the woman. He was reportedly frightened by the hue and cry Maryam raised and let her go as a result.

A police official said the woman was interrogated for more than two hours. Meanwhile, Paracha secured bail before arrest from a local court in Nowshera.

Source: The Express Tribune


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