Indian drone violates Pak airspace


An Indian drone violated Pakistani airspace near Sialkot on Saturday evoking a formal protest from Pakistani authorities, who have asked the Indians to explain this violation, according to security sources.
According to Chenab Rangers, the green coloured Remote Piloted Vehicle (RPV) entered Pakistani airspace in Sialkot sector near the Bajwat-Chaprar-Sialkot sector at around 1:55pm.
Entering from neighbouring Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and flying at a height of 3,500 feet, the drone penetrated 350 metres into Pakistani airspace. After a one and half minute flight, the RPV was forced back into India after Pakistan Air Force came into action.
Pakistani authorities have reportedly expressed grave concern over this violation and has lodged a strong protest, seeking detailed Indian explanation, the officials said. Earlier in June, two Indian fighter planes had entered Pakistan’s airspace near Head Sulemanki border. The planes were reportedly five to seven miles inside Pakistan.

Source: The Nation


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