PPP, ANP seek revocation of POL price hike


ISLAMABAD:- The Pakistan People’s Party and Awami National Party on Monday submitted separate adjournment motions in the Senate Secretariat over the recent petroleum products price hike, terming the issue debatable in the House because of public interest.

Informed sources privy to Senate told the scribe that the first adjournment motion was submitted by ANP senators Haji Adeel, Shahi Syed, Zahid Khan and Afrasiyab Khatak in which it was said that people of Pakistan were already suffering from the price hike issue, whereas the rise in POL prices would contribute in the price hike of everything in all spheres of life.

They also demanded suspending the routine proceedings of the House to initiate the debate on the issue.

The PPP’s adjournment motion was submitted by Mian Raza Rabbani, Saeed Ghani , Maula Bux Chandio and Saeeda Iqbal, in which it was asked that the issue should be discussed in the House in wake of rising public miseries.

It is likely that in the coming session of Senate that is expected to start by the second week of September, the issue would result in a burning debate in the House where opposition forces would slam the treasury benches for the price hike decision, demanding the government withdraw the decision.

The decision by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s federal government has proved a major setback for the party’s popularity that is now facing a downward trend. The unpopular decision is also causing disappointment for party activists and leadership, who consider the decision unfair and insult of the mandate that was given to the PML-N in recent polls.

Source: Pakistan Today


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