Pakistan: Desecration of Dalit’s corpse in Badin condemned

Bhooro Bheel

Dead body of Bhooro Bheel, a minority Dalit singer, is being dragged away from grave in Pangio town of Badin district by armed men instigated by local clerics.

KARACHI: The civil society organisations of Sindh on Monday condemned the violence against Dalit (lower cast) families by a mob and desecration of a corpse.

The Pakistan Dalit Solidarity Network (PDSN), the Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER) and other civil society organisations condemned the violence by a mob which removed the body of a Dalit (Bheel) from the grave, dragged, desecrated and put it on the road for many hours in a remote village of Pangriyo in the Badin district of Sindh.

The Dalit families, while protesting the incident, claimed they had been burying their dead in the graveyard of Haji Faqeer Oliya in the Pangriyo town for decades and there was a separate space for them in the graveyard. They said they had buried Bhooro Bheel, who died in a traffic accident the other day, in the graveyard. Some mischievous religious elements of the town objected to the burial of a non-Muslim in the graveyard but with the intervention of the local civil society and notables they managed to bury the youth’s body in the said graveyard.

The Dalit families said the local Muslim religious leaders tried to instigate others by announcing on mosque loudspeakers that a non-Muslim had been buried in the graveyard of Muslims. These elements invited students of various madrassas from nearby towns of Jhuddo and Matli, who were armed with sophisticated weapons.

The families said they later led a mob to the graveyard and dug out the buried body and dragged it on to the roadside. The body remained there for over eight hours. Later, they buried the corpse at another place.

In a statement, PDSN, PILER and other civil society and human rights organisations and activists condemned the acts of discrimination and violence against non-Muslims by religious elements and exploitation of religious sentiments against the followers of other religions. They expressed concern over the increasing violence in the name of religion in Sindh, which was famous for its secular nature and Sufi following.


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