An Open Letter To UNICEF Regarding Family Child Abuse In China

The most populous country in the world has no clear method for reporting or responding to abuse of its most vulnerable.

Yun Yi's Blog

(Caution! The case examples are extremely disturbing!)


I am writing this letter to call your attention to the family child abuse situation in China.

Family child abuse in China has been a serious social problem and it has never been confronted by Chinese society and government. During the recent couple of decades, while China enjoys its economy rising, its spiritual side seems to be more corrupted than ever. Children, the most vulnerable group among the Chinese population, become the worst victims of this moral degeneration.

Here are several severe case examples:

 Case 1: 1993, Xining, Qinghai province. Li Su, a 5 year-old tortured to death by her biological mother. 

A photo of Li Su sitting in a hospital
bed when she was alive.

1993, in Xining (西宁市), Qinghai province (青海省) of China, a 5- year-old girl was tortured to death by her biological mother. Her name was Li…

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