‘PPP developing Karachi without any discrimination’

File Photo.

File Photo.

KARACHI: Different infrastructure and development projects are in the way to develop Karachi and make it a more beautiful and commercially viable city in the world.

These views were expressed by Sindh Minister for Information and Local Government Sharjeel Memon, said a statement issued on Monday.

Memon said the MQM had remained a PPP coalition partner before, and expressed to continue such relationship in the future as well. “We are taking the MQM on board while designing and executing the projects for the development of Karachi,” said the statement.

The minister said that in order to provide rapid and low-cost modern transport facilities, establishment of overhead bridges and underpass network within the city; efficient deliveries of safe drinking water to the citizens; maintaining cleanliness, launching amusement and recreational projects in Karachi were on the priority of the government.

The strategy to create conducive and peaceful atmosphere for the people of Karachi and foreign investors is also under implementation, added the statement.

He said the Sindh government approved the development outlay for financial year 2013-14 of up to Rs 215 billion, adding that the PPP believed to develop all parts of the province, without any discrimination.

While commenting on the ongoing campaign against illegal water hydrants to prevent water theft of billions and ensure proper water supply, Memon said the Sindh government was planning to install water meters in the city, for which an agreement with a Saudi Arabian Company was already made. The company has agreed to provide two hundred thousand meters for Karachi.

Source: Daily Times


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