PPP condemns PM’s remarks about Bhutto

File Photo

File Photo

Islamabad: Pakistan Peoples Party condemns the remarks of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif against the Party’s founding Chairperson Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto as totally unwarranted and devoid of any understanding of the historical context of the nationalisation policies of 70s.

In a statement Spokesperson of the Party Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the nationalization of seventies was necessitated by the brutal exploitation of the labor and working classes by the agents of crony capitalism.

It was the call of the time and the result of the inevitable march of the historical forces that led to controlled and thought out nationalization. It required extraordinary vision, leadership and courage to take the exploitative bull of capitalism by the horns and rescue the poor and downtrodden workers, peasants and labor from exploitation.

The Party is proud that its founding leader possessed the vision and courage to provide leadership in this regard, he said.

It goes to the credit of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto that he gave direction to the seething anger of the working class and thereby prevented a serious destabilization of the society. The Party is proud of its achievement, he said.

The Prime Minister’s unwarranted remarks at this point of time lends credence to widely held suspicion that after completion of transition in all state institutions by the end of the year the government will expose its real and hidden agenda including a reversion to the days of crony capitalism based on sucking the blood of the poor.

The Party will not permit a return to the days of crony capitalism nor the exploitation of workers, wage earners and labor, he said. “Let there be no doubt or mistake about it”

Source: Daily Times


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