Workers refuse to participate in polio campaign in Khyber Agency


PESHAWAR: The workers have refused to discharge their duties as polio vaccinators in Khyber Agency following the fresh killing of a polio worker in Jamrud on Friday, Geo News reported Saturday.

According to the health department sources, the polio workers have denied to continue the vaccination process throughout the Agency until adequate security is provided to them.

The announcement came after a polio worker was shot dead in Jamrud on Friday.

It may be mentioned that gunmen riding a motorcycle shot dead the anti-polio worker, identified as Yousuf, outside his home in Jamrud. The armed men called out his name and opened fire on him, killing him on the spot. The killers fled after committing the murder, the sources told.

Assistant Political Agent of Jamrud Jahangir Azam Wazir claimed the killing of the anti-polio worker was not an act of terrorism, rather it was the result of personal rivalry.

Meanwhile, the political administration arrested 27 suspected persons, including 12 motorcyclists, during a search operation after the killing. The detainees were taken to the Jamrud lock-up for questioning.

It may be mentioned that the anti-polio campaign in the Khyber Agency was launched 10 days behind schedule.

Also in another incident, the armed men killed two cops near the district headquarters in Swabi when they were on their way to escort the anti-polio vaccinators. The policemen were deputed to escort the anti-polio team in Topi Tehsil, but they came under attack in the Ghaziabad area on the Swabi-Topi Road.

It was planned that the campaign would not be carried out in the entire district on the same day, rather it would be launched in the four tehsils, including Swabi, Chota Lahor, Razaar and Topi, on alternate days in order to provide adequate security to polio vaccinators.

Source: The News


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