Pakistanis hope the New Year will bring some luck to them also


KARACHI: Pakistan’s New Year sunrise Wednesday morning has brought new rays of hopes and expectations for the people so badly longing for peace and prosperity, which thus far has remained elusive to the suffering masses.

An eventful 2013 left a lot of memories bitter and sweet for the people of Pakistan welcoming the New Year prayed for the country currently pitted against numerous challenges to successfully get out of it and set at the road to progress.

As lawlessness, terrorism and a lot of corrupt political practices kept gripping Pakistan during past 365 days, there was not much happiness around though, yet the deprived and forgotten masses in the country hoping against hope wish that the New Year 2014 would prove a little lucky for them also and bring some relief in the grinding price-hike, grueling crisis of electricity, gas and other basic facilities currently plaguing the country.

Source: The News


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